Jon Seale

Jon of all Trades

Welcome to my corner of expertise where I blend a kaleidoscope of skills and experiences to help individuals, churches, and small businesses thrive. With a passion for problem-solving and a diverse background, I offer an array of services tailored to your needs.


Business Consulting

Whether it's navigating software development, streamlining processes through automation, or maximizing Microsoft Office 365, I'm here to guide you through the intricacies of the digital landscape.

Church Consulting

Leveraging leadership training and a deep understanding of church operations, I offer tailored support for churches, spanning IT solutions, data analytics, and software development.

Tech Solutions

From IT networking to troubleshooting, count on me to untangle the complexities and ensure smooth operations for your IT infrastructure.

Media & Entertainment

With a background in television production, radio, and audio, I bring creativity and expertise to your media projects. Looking to host a karaoke night, some background music, or add piano performances? I've got you covered!


Scripting languages

PHP, JS, Bash, Python

Scripting languages

PHP, JS, Bash, Python

Scripting languages

PHP, JS, Bash, Python

Scripting languages

PHP, JS, Bash, Python


Linux, Crawlers, Bots, Network

Small Business Support

Navigate the tech maze with confidence. Let's optimize your processes and tech tools for efficiency and growth.

Church Enhancement

Empower your church with cutting-edge tech solutions and insightful analytics to better serve your congregation.

IT Solutions

Resolve networking issues, streamline operations, and keep your systems running smoothly.

Entertainment Services

Elevate events with engaging entertainment - from karaoke nights to live piano performances, adding a unique touch to your gatherings.
  1. Experiences

    Project Engineer
    AnyWay Technologies

    Jan 2023 - Present
  2. Technology Director
    Gateway Church

    2011 - 2022
  3. Director - IT & Development
    Pinnacle Group

    2007 - 2011
  4. CIO
    REO Advantage

    2004 - 2007